About Green Beat

The institute at Nernstgasse

Green Beat provides research, education and counselling in the area of health-promoting and performance enhancing foods, functional foods, and dietary supplements, acting on three levels both locally and internationally:

As a consultant, Green Beat offers the latest scientific opinions and know-how on research into functional foods, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. We act as a competent partner to the industry and the business and provide assistance on the wording of hypotheses, trial design, health-claim topics, data evaluation, scientific publications, product development projects, and many more.

We offer seminars, continuing education programs, and university courses in the field of sports nutrition, dietary supplements, functional foods, and fat metabolism training. Green Beat, in cooperation with its partners, organises advanced training programs and courses in different areas of sports and exercise.

Green Beat acts as a consultant and coach to recreational, performance, or health-conscious athletes, to sports clubs and societies, and many more, to help them optimise their sports nutrition regimen while taking into account the specific aspects of different sports disciplines, individual training plans, and socio-demographic factors.