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Green Beat provides researcheducation and counselling in the area of health-promoting and performance enhancing foods, functional foods, and dietary supplements.

As a consultant, Green Beat offers the latest scientific opinions and know-how on research into functional foods, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. We act as a competent partner to the industry and the business and provide assistance on the wording of hypotheses, trial design, clinical trial management, health-claim topics, data evaluation, scientific publications, or product development projects.

In the course of various research projects, Green Beat has been cooperating closely with national and international universities and research centers for around 20 years.

In recent years, an increasing number of foods, functional foods, and dietary supplements, all promising to be beneficial to our health and performance, have hit the food and beverages market. Green Beat – Institute of Nutrient Research and Sport Nutrition – specialises in nutritional products which provide our body with the nutrients and ingredients we need to lead a healthy life and to optimise our performance.


Research and scientific consultancy services

The past few years have shown a tremendous increase in the demand for health promoting and performance enhancing foods. Healthy living is both a growing trend and a requirement – a tendency which is reflected in the sales figures for functional foods and other healthy nutritional products. Especially people trying to lead a healthy and active life and the so-called ‘aging’ groups are seeking to balance their everyday food intake with health-promoting dietary supplements. 

The market potential for innovative food products is therefore bigger than ever. At Green Beat, we offer consultancy services to stakeholders in the industry, in the business, to administrative bodies, local authorities, political institutions, etc. by providing our expertise and know-how in the research of functional foods, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. We work exclusively scientifically, while considering the market and the applicable regulations to maximize our clients’ success.

Green Beat has many years’ experience of planning, coordinating, conducting, evaluating, and publishing national and international research projects in the field of dietary supplements and functional foods. We assist our clients in drawing up the trial protocol, registering the trial, budgeting, recruiting, and supporting trial participants (compliance pushing), in dealing with the ethics committee, evaluating data, writing the final trial report, publishing the trial results in peer-reviewed journals, etc. If necessary, we can also help with recruiting suitable undergraduates, masters’ students, and PhD candidates interested in participating in research projects.

We assist our clients in wording their hypothesis, in conducting pilot studies, open trials for market research purposes, single-blind and double-blind trials, randomized placebo-controlled trials, cross-sectional studies, case-control studies, cohort studies, laboratory experiments, and in vitro diagnostic examinations. We draw up parallel or cross-over designs, filter and define adequate and meaningful surrogate endpoints, and perform outcome-/endpoint-measurements.

Health claims make dietary supplements very attractive products on the international food and beverage market. As from December, 2006, the use of nutrition and health claims on foods throughout the European Union is governed by Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006, also referred to as Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation: Each and every health claim must be approved by the EU before it may be used. However, comprehensive scientific data on the health benefit of the product must be gathered and submitted for a successful authorisation. Green Beat has been dealing with this new legislation since the beginning and supports you in your health claim ambitions.

We will help you determine the sample size for your trial, take care of your data management and perform the statistical analyses. During a trial, all data will be gathered, and data management performed, by tenured scientists. Apart from metric data analyses, we can also assist you with process evaluation, e.g., in public health trials or projects, and with the writing of evaluation reports.

Green Beat – Institute of Nutrient Research and Sports Nutrition – can assist you with the writing of scientific texts (abstracts, full papers, research letters, reviews, etc.) for you to publish in national or international scientific journals, or to use in scientific conferences, symposia, workshops, and the like. We will also write expert opinions and reviews on scientific studies and projects submitted on sports nutrition, dietary supplements, and functional foods.

Green Beat – Institute of Nutrient Research and Sport Nutrition – will support you in successfully developing and marketing your health and performance enhancing products. We will provide attractive and effective formulations/ingredients, plan and carry out efficacy studies, and write scientifically sound customer focused product descriptions to make your product launch a success. For such projects, we can also draw on our extensive network in the sector of dietary supplements, functional foods, and sports nutrition, e.g. through our cooperation/partnerships with raw material/nutrient manufacturers, importers, food technologists at international universities, packaging companies etc.

Current research projects


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Scientific publications

Scientific publications by Green Beat up until November 2020 


This textbook provides scientifically based knowledge about sports nutrition and is the first such compendium in the German area.

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20% discount for members of the Austrian Society for Sports Nutrition (ÖGSE)

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Mag. DDr. Manfred Lamprecht

Privatdozent, Principal

Sabine Lamprecht

Chief financial officer

Mag. Sebastian Dams, MSc

PhD candidate

Mag. DDr. Manfred Lamprecht

Privatdozent, Principal

Sabine Lamprecht

Chief Financial Officer

Mag. Sebastian Dams, MSc


Melina Tsiountsioura, BSc MSc

PhD Kandidatin

Melina Tsiountsioura, BSc MSc

PhD candidate

Lisa Meixner-Götz BSc MPH

Project management
Research associate 

Tobias Ziegler, BSc MSc

Project management
Research associate 

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